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What our customers say about us

Our customers’ opinions are very important to us – this is the only way we can constantly improve. Therefore we asked a few of our customers a few weeks after the purchase for a short but not too short feedback about our sneakers. Particularly important to us is the point of comfort, processing quality and satisfaction with the sneakers in our customer’s everyday life. Here are a few examples of customers who have been so kind to give us their feedback:

Friends told me about the sustainable sneakers from Kulson. I was a bit put off by the price at first, to be honest, but after reading more about the sustainable production, the materials and the production location, I saw the whole thing differently. The deciding factor in the end was actually that the founders of the label have launched their anti-plastic project and so everyone can make a contribution for clean oceans. I also read that the sole is made of recycled materials. That makes me feel great and incredibly comfortable they are too. In the end, I have in no way regretted buying these shoes – quite the opposite. I am incredibly satisfied with them and do not know which other white sneaker should ever rank higher in my wardrobe again.

I’m usually on the move from morning to late at night. A comfortable shoe is essential for me. But of course it should also be elegant and beautiful. I do not want to miss out on that. I said goodbye to ballerinas and closed shoes years ago, because I no longer find them appealing, they were insanely uncomfortable and that also simply no longer reflects my style. Classy, but at the same time so minimalist sneakers like these are made for me.

I am now willing to spend a little more money, because I have understood how much joy sustainable and high-quality things bring in the long run. I am very happy with the Kulson sneaker. It always fits my outfits and I can wear it just as well in my free time. The footbed is incredibly comfortable for my foot and after a long day I finally have no more foot pain. I hope that there will be many more models soon.

I am of course a bit biased because I know one of the founders of the Kulson label. Nevertheless, I will give you my unreservedly honest opinion of the product now that I have worn it for a few weeks. I have learned a lot about the background of the company and the production of the shoe and just that raises the shoe for me on a higher level. It gave me a very exciting insight and I must say that I think the project is great!

I wear the shoes almost every day and I’m really glad that I’m lucky enough to have gotten my hands on this shoe. I find him elegant, timeless and super comfortable!!! I can combine him practically with my complete closet. No matter dress or jeans, he always fits! I personally would be happy about more sneakers or even clothes. I am curious what is still in the planning.

Casual Friday and I can finally wear my Kulson sneakers again. Yes ! Always quite dressed up I appear from Monday to Thursday in the office. In itself, I like the business outfit, but unfortunately it’s not very comfortable when you’re out all day with it. But since you usually can’t come in the office somehow, I combine the more relaxed outfit with my sneakers from Kulson on those days. In any case, a real eye-catcher, because they are loose, sustainable, yet chic and very high quality workmanship. So a big praise from my side.

Hmm, what can I give as feedback, I am all around satisfied! The shoes are beautiful, comfortable and fairly produced. I can recommend this shoe with a clear conscience!

In recent years, I have changed my buying behavior by 180 degrees. Previously, I wanted to take every trend and have accordingly bought a lot of clothes from the popular brands. You know which ones I mean. The fact that the prices were cheap, I came as a student of course very convenient. At some point I started to pay more attention to what materials are processed in the products and where they were made. Today, I’d rather spend more money on something if it means I’m buying sustainably. What is especially important to me is that the production takes place in Europe. Sure, Asian developing and emerging countries should be supported! But with the production conditions that prevail in most factories there, I now find it really hard and I miss the contemporary approach! I’ve had my eye on the Kulson sneakers for a while now, and then for Christmas I made myself a gift. The cool look of the sneakers, but also the ambitions of the founders has convinced me in the end and I bought the sustainable sneakers. They look so great too! I did not think it was possible to be approached and asked so often about a pure white and actually so discreet sneaker. I was well wrong …

The overall quality of the shoe is just great! Nice that there are still handmade shoes of this kind of quality! I have already worn them in September, when it was still relatively warm, and I was surprised that the shoes are still breathable even in great heat, which you really can not say of all sneakers I have so!
The leather is water repellent and repels common road dust well. Even after a debauched evening, the shoes can be surprisingly easy to get clean again with a damp cloth. This struck me particularly positively, because after my first long party night, I almost shed a tear the next morning at the startled look at my actually beautiful white shoes. In the twinkling of an eye, however, they were again wonderfully bright. The shoe is also very easy to clean. Overall, the Kulson sneakers are very comfortable to wear and on top of that, they are even sustainable and look very classy. I would for sure recommend them to any of my friends. And I am.

These sneakers convince me all along the line.
Design fits both mandatory clothing in the office and casual wear. I ordered the shoe in a 39 and it fits like a glove. Positive I noticed the processing of the seams on the shoe and the footbed! I look forward to warmer days when I can wear the shoes more often again. Although I find that even at temperatures around 5 degrees with a thicker pair of socks they still keep very well warm. I’m really happy with my sustainable shoes from you guys. Thank you!

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