What our customers think abut our sneakers

Our customers’ opinions are very important to us – this is the only way we can constantly improve. Therefore we asked a few of our customers a few weeks after the purchase for a short but not too short feedback about our sneakers. Particularly important to us is the point of comfort, processing quality and satisfaction with the sneakers in our customer’s everyday life. Here are a few examples of customers who have been so kind to give us their feedback:

I am all around satisfied! The shoes are beautiful, comfortable and fair produced. I can recommend this shoe with a clear conscience. The customer service and contact was very caring and accommodating.

I’m usually on my feet from morning to late at night and a comfortable shoe is essential for me. But they should also look good at the same time. I said goodbye to ballerinas and closed shoes years ago, because I find them insanely uncomfortable and have noticed over time how bad they actually are for my feet. Your footbed is incredibly comfortable and the shoes always fit my outfits. I am now willing to spend a little more money, because I have understood how much joy sustainable and high-quality things bring in the long run. On top of that, I finally don’t have foot pain anymore.

I learned a lot about the background of the company and the production of the shoe and just that lifts the shoe for me on another level. It gave me a very exciting perspective and I have to say that I think the project is great! I wear the shoes almost every day. I would love to see more colors or maybe even clothing from you guys!

Casual Friday and I can finally wear my Kulson sneakers in the office again! These sneakers are real eye-catchers without being too much. High praise from my side.

Friends told me about the sustainable Kulson sneakers. I was honestly a little put off by the price at first, but after reading more about the sustainable manufacturing, the materials and the production location, I saw the whole thing a little differently. I think it’s great that the founders of the label have started an anti-plastic project and that everyone can make a contribution for clean oceans. I am almost only in your shoes on the road and have become a big fan.

The quality of the shoe is simply great. I was wearing them back in September when it was still relatively warm and I was surprised that the shoes are still super comfortable, even in warm temperatures. I would gladly recommend the sneakers to any of my friends. I was also handled with great customer care.

I did not think it was possible to be asked so often about a pure white and actually so understated sneaker. I guess I was wrong…

A few years ago I started paying more attention to what materials are used in the products and where they were made. Today, I’d rather spend more money on something if it means I’m buying sustainably. I think that’s a contemporary approach. I’ve had my eye on your sustainable Kulson sneakers for a while and then for Christmas I gave myself a gift and I’m really insanely pleased.

The sneakers convince me all along the line. I usually have a 38 to 38.5 and ordered a 39 because of the size recommendations and it fits perfectly. I noticed the great processing of the stitchings and the footbed! I look forward to warmer days when I can wear the shoes more often again.